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john stone

John Stone 1845-1936: married to great grandmother Anne Loye's 2nd cousin Sarah Crocker Loye. John Stone was only 19 when he sailed for Australia on the Young Australia from Plymouth on 20 May 1865. On board ship he became friendly with John Hamlyn and his wife from Bigbury. During the voyage Hamlyn contracted scarlet fever, and was quarantined on arrival at Dunwich on 20 August 1865. He asked friend and fellow emigrant John Stone to look after his wife and family if he should die. . There was no cure for the disease, and John Hamlyn died in quarantine and was buried the next day, 3 September 1865. Good to his word, John Stone married Sarah Crocker Hamlyn, née Loye, and stepfather to her two young children. He and Sarah had one son of their own.