Our Family History: the Heards, Pittses, Wrights, Berrys, Turners, Drews, Rices, Feys, Hectors, Fursdons, Pollards, Picketts, Blacklers, Crockers, Sharlands, Willings, Canns, and associated families from mid-Devon

We remember family members in the Battle of the Somme

The first day of the Battle of the Somme, 1 July 1916, was also
the bloodiest, and remains the worst in the British Army's history.
Of Britain's first-day casualties, 19,240 died.
The battle lasted 141 days. The official number of British
dead, missing or wounded during that period is 419, 654.

The families represented on this web site lost
Frederick Drew, Private, 2nd Bn. Devonshire Regiment
Robert Willing, Private 9th Bn. Devonshire Regiment

on the first day of the battle.

By the time the battle ended on 18 November 1916, more family members had perished.
Albert Bubear, Private, 12th Bn. Middlesex Regiment
George Bubear, Private, 1st/7th (City of London) Bn. London Regiment
Henry Heard, Gunner, "A" Bty 154th Bde. Royal Field Artillery
Frederick Loye, Gunner, 351st Siege Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery

The Heards and Others

These pages are in part dedicated to the Heard family that had its roots in Hartland in North Devon, but whose shoots featured here grew in the small village of Sandford in mid-Devon, to spread around the globe as various branches of the family tree.

However, this is not intended as a site focused on just the Heards. Included here are the stories of a whole cluster of families connected to them by blood and marriage, stories that describe the lives, the occupations, the joys, tragedies, triumphs and achievements of people from Crediton in mid-Devon and surrounding parishes.

You will find here our extended family that includes amongst many others Wrights, Picketts, Feys, Berrys, Bicknells, Carpenters, Fursdons, Drews, Wallers, Rices, Turners, from Sandford and from the mid-Devon villages that surround Crediton.

But of course the branches of our family tree spread far, so you will find too Pittses, Blacklers, Davises, Crockers, Loyes, Randalls, Coles, Elliotts and Willings from the South Hams of Devon, and Boydells from Lancashire. And many others from throughout the British Isles and around the globe who have somehow connected with that cluster of families at the heart of this site.

Crediton High Street

Crediton High Street

Our Boydell relations can be traced back to pre-Conquest ancestors, the Sadleirs to Henry VII's court. But some lines of the family have been traced back only to the nineteenth century. Research is ongoing and this site will always be a work in progress. Pages are updated frequently so family members may benefit from calling back periodically to see what has been added or updated. And as the Acknowledgments reveal, the site owes much to other FH researchers, so please contribute by emailing the webmaster or visiting the Guestbook. We are very happy to hear from family members or anybody who has an interest in the site.

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