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Without the support and guidance of cousin Sue Davey, when I started on this journey 9 years ago I would have been stumbling around in the dark still. And subsequently the mentorship through collaboration with expert cousin Norina Dixon enabled me to build on what I had learned from Sue. I am very very, very grateful to them both for opening this door for me.
But in addition, this history could not have been assembled without the help of the following, who gave generously of their time and knowledge: Rexie Akwei, Martyn Yeo, Angela Perkins, Ann Hughes, Beverley Edmonds, Bruce Bellringer, Deb Chapman, Della Pearson, Deborah O'Brien, Derek Fey, Jan Brian Kingshott, Bill Gallin, John Pitts, John Treleven, Judith Williams, Lorraine Frost, Neville Enderson, Nigel Blackler, Anthony Blackler, Ray Osborn, Paul Greener, Stan Smith, Albert Labbett, David Heard, William Cooke, Derek Heard, Michael Rice, John Pickett, Doreen Piggott, Neil Blackwood, Pauline Fear, Christopher Culmer, Nigel Haywood, Neil Lewis, Doreen Norton,  Susan Pickett, Michael Elston, Betty Kales, Tony Shopland, Wendy Penfold, Roger Moore, Gertie Heard, Laura Heard, Myra Heard, Stephanie Keates, Arthur French, Bill Limebeer, Ingrid Hughes, Geoffrey Key, Rob Oatway, Doreen Norton, Emma Pitts, Edmond Smith, Bob Greenslade, Peter Wright, Beverly Cheriton, Eudora Crook, Peter Day, Barbara Lewis, Brian Randell, Jennifer Holmes, Joan Bagnall, Carolyn Buckley, David Jenkins, Gareth Arscott, Eddie Smith, Sandra Morgan, Marlene Wright, Anthony Sadleir, Michael Coles, Nigel Haywood, Richard Inglis, Graham Andrews, Tony Pickett, Ann Phillips, Shelagh Stones, Barbara-Ann Townson, Jean Rinaldi, Barbara Searles, Faye Edwards, Angela Tunkin, Brian Randell,  Roy Drew, Terry Leaman, Barbara Stapleton, Norman Spurr, Helen Bevan, Rita Tyrrell, Vivien Boyd, Lorna Henderson, Agnes Davis, Ian Hillman, Bob Davey, Sarah Hughes, Dr. Angela Blaen, Andrew Crabtree, Nancy Spafford, June Willing, Anne Wilson, Michelle Smith, Mick Boydell, Julia Nicholls, William Doscher, Shirley Wilfong-Pritchard, Linda Curry, Emily Davis Rocha, Neal Doublet, Lyndon Casey, Valerie Golightly, Sarah Flower, Alison Milford, Janet Curwen, Ralph Miller, John Taylor,  Jan Dickinson, Caroline Bullock, Richard de Neufville, Raymond Blight, June Farrelly, Sheila Jubb, Ronnie Land, Linda Wright, Eileen Thompson, David Andrew, Jane Sweet, Myra Briard, David Warren, John Williams, Victoria White, Richard Sharland, Marbe McNeill, Valerie Akers, Robin McGiveron, Patricia Coombe, Charles Cole, Barbara Searles, Diana Reynolds, Heather Harris, Sue Hatten, Margaret Andrew, Stephanie Lewis, Mary Long,  Muriel Prior, Reece Jones, Vivienne Fitch, Mark Willing, Angela Ward, Beverley Farthing, David Watson, Karina Jonasson, Brian & Honor Heard, Norman Taylor, Paul Harris, Ray Burridge, Rob Graefe, Debbie Tiley, Michael Smith, Michael Mitchelmore, Janice Walker, Stuart & Pat Pickett, Ian Mitchell, Debbie Williams, Peter Harris, Elsie Person, Felicity Brimblecombe, Catriona Aldridge, Adam Lambert-Gorwyn, George Saffin, Barry Fleming, Richard Andrews, Ian Sharland, Fiona Daw, Tom Blaen, Caryl Hicks-Reeves, Rupert Pitts, Cath Skeet, Jeremy West, Nigel & Bridget Ashplant, David E.Pitts, Jim Snell, Dave Sims, Geoff Ledden, Andrew Densham, Julie Oliver, David Oakley, June Frost,Trevor Pollard, Paul Savje, Judith McCullouch, David Cornford, Sharon Richardson, Ben Clapp, Daniel Spencer, Leah Murphy, Cathy Oake, Sharon Richardson, Val Golightly, Sue Pearkes, Ann Simonsen, Bill Forster, Jeremy Wilkes, Carol Judkins, Christine Marden, Robie Loomer, Tessa White, Betsy Puelle, Annette Fitzsimons, Heather and Roy Measday, Jan Adkins, Janet Paulos Khashab, Susan O'Beirne, Augustina Ann Bubear, Geoff Tucke, Gabrielle Heard, Karsten Heard, Donna Egan, Sue Duffin, Jess Tomlinson, Kay Osborne, Frank Heard, Jackie Heard, Brenda Ball, John Hazelwood, Bruce Hemer, Adrian Radcliffe, Dean Cahill, Francis Merryweather, Gillian Webster, Judy Drayton, Margaret Hassall, David Garton,  P.J.Evans, Peter Wright, Charles Voss, Veronica Leng, Peter Selley

I must also thank the Online Parish Clerks, who provide a terrific service.

And I apologise here to any of the kind people who have helped me in this research whose names I have unwittingly omitted from these acknowledgments.
Every effort has been made to display accurate information, but I am human, and apologise for any mistakes. Please advise me if you find any. I have also tried to exclude details about living persons, but the systems are not foolproof. If you find any please advise me